2019 collection senpai clothing

2019 Graphic Tee Collection

It has been 5 months since we’ve launched Senpai Clothing. From just selling plain tees and one graphic tee, we now have a total of 12 graphic tees to choose from.

The creation of each design has been meticulously chosen and made. They were originally crafted by our team and you won’t find them anywhere else.

2019 senpai clothing collection

The Collections

Our first collection features 6 designs without a certain theme, this is to test our market and see what our customers like best. Fortunately, nothing was wasted and every design was loved. We even experienced more than 2 sold out in just the pre-order stage.

Our second collection features only 3 designs at a total of 5 product variations. The theme is a nostalgic vibe featuring “Sayonara” or saying Goodbye, a Retro gamepad design, and an iconic anime Voltes V.


We haven’t done any marketing since day 1 except awareness campaigns since we don’t have enough inventories to supply the demands. We also do not have a big budget unlike the other established brands in the Philippines both in marketing and production.

Still, it’s crazy to see so many people showing us love and seeing our products Sold Out most of the time.

sold out

Our final design for our 2019 collection, Voltes V, has been released a few days ago, and we now have decided to start our marketing preparations especially for the upcoming year.

This is just the beginning...

This is just the beginning and we can’t wait to show you guys more of our designs and new products, crafted with love and only for you. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. See you soon! 🙏


P.S. I can't forget the first day where I can only sell blank shirts to friends and family. Most of them supported us while others didn't even bother to look at our products. That may hurt especially for a dreamer who's just starting out a new business. When people ignore you and say "no", you're just talking to a wrong person. Move on, never give up, be humble, and keep huslin'.

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