Return Policy Complaint, Refund & Return

When you shop with us, we want you to be completely satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order from us, you may create a complaint about the goods or return it for a replacement. Before making a complaint or returning your order, please take time to read our refund or return policy below. It is also recommended you to contact our Customer Support before returning an item, as they will be able to advise you based on your specific needs and situation.

The procedure of making a complaint

You should report the problems in 3 days after you have received the products. We will process and reply to your email within 24-48 hours upon receiving your complaint. After we reach an agreement about the refund, the refunded money can be issued to your PayPal account within 48 hours or can be kept for your next order.

Refund rate


Refund rate


Send the wrong color or wrong size of the same style

10% of the amount of that item
For example: Expected white, actual grey.  Expected M size, actual S size.


Wrong description of sizes.

10% of the amount of that item
1) Regarding little measurement error can’t be avoided, size difference of more than 3cm will be considered as wrong description
2) complaint for items, which are ordered after we change the wrong description will not be accepted as “Wrong description of sizes” compaint


Send the wrong item

Usually, we will refund 20% of the amount of the expected item.
If the actual price is 20% more than the expected item, we will give up the difference and don’t give an extra refund.
If the actual price is 20% less than the expected item, we will refund the difference plus the 20% of the price of the expected item.


The total quantity is different from the notice email

We will check our log file to find if we already sent the notification email.
We will check our log file to find if the quantity you provide is the same to the quantity we marked.
If it’s our fault, we will refund the 100% money for the missing item(s).


Color is apparently different from the photo

20% of the amount of that item
Please check against the actual photos we provide.
Please be aware that the color on the photo on the computer screen is not totally the same to the actual color.


Missing accessory

30% of the amount of that item
Or send the accessory with the next order.


Minor defects,
Can be easily amended or washed

30% of the amount of that item
For example: loosen button, bad sewing of a small area.


Obvious defects,
Need to be amended

50% of the amount of that item
For example: Bad sewing of a small area, hole/broken because of bad sewing, small hole on the cloth.


Obvious defects, big area stain or spot, and can’t be amended

100% of the amount of that item.
For example: Dirties of a big area. Big holes/broken of the cloth


Damage or dirtied caused on the way.

No refund.
Please check if the package/cartoon box is broken before receive it.


Other situation

Please email us if you think any of the above Condition & Refund rate is not suitable.

Return because of the defect

We don’t prefer to have the goods returned to us because the shipping fee is sometimes higher than the amount of the item.

However, it’s true that we accept returns; the first step in the process is to contact our Customer Support. You should report the problems within 3 days after receiving the products.

Returning must be in 7 days after receiving the products and must be in original condition when returned to us. When the returned package arrives at our place at our manufacturer, we will examine the item, identify the problem, we will ship the correct items back to you at no extra cost. We will handle all the necessary shipping fees (from us back to you). We will not be responsible for the returning shipping fee (from you to us).

If we discover nothing wrong with returned items, we will promptly ship them back to you. In these cases, you will be responsible for the shipping fees in both directions.

Return because of the delivery, customs or duties

If the parcel is returned because the incorrect delivery address or the receiver refused to accept the goods, both the fee of the goods and the shipping fee won’t be refunded.