Feb MMXXI: Collab, Tank Top, Astroboy, and Ryujin

Feb MMXXI: Collab, Tank Top, Astroboy, and Ryujin

We've been humbled and grateful to all the people who have purchased our first drop this year, it was a blast. Hachiman and Susanoo Tees are both sold out!

Now come the second month and our surprises never stop. Here are three things you can expect this month.

1. The Legend Collective x Senpai

We've been friends with the people behind The Legend CollectiveĀ since the first day our brand was born. We treat them like family. This month, we're proud to inform you that our collaboration program with them is finally coming.

The design features our original version of Astroboy. Aside from the original illustration, there are two different things you should be excited about.

First, our products will not just be printed in four colors just like our normal drop, instead, they will be printed in EIGHTĀ colors without increasing our price.

Second, they will be available using our New Premium Tank Top which you'll learn more about below.

Here's a sneak peek of the design, SENPAI x The Legend Collective proudly presents:

Astro Heavyarms

senpai x tlc astro heavyarms

This design will be available in three variants - (1) Black Tee, (2) Black Tank Top and (3) White Tank Top.

ETA: Feb. 20, 2021

2. The Senpai Premium Tank Top

The people behind our brand love Tank Tops, however, there are just a few things that weren't suited to our taste. This month, we're introducing our very own custom pattern Tank Top.

senpai premium tank top

The fabric is made with durable cotton-blend at 230gsm (the same as our t-shirts) with our sizing and side labels on it. This fabric gets softer over time. It also features a round bottom that you'll never find easily anywhere.

premium tank top senpai

The Senpai Premium Tank Top is also cut and sewn with attention to details that can compete with international standards.

3. Ryujin Long Sleeve

Ryujin is definitely one of the in-demand designs we've released. Unfortunately, all the t-shirts have been sold out.

At first, we don't want to restock the design. However, since Ryujin is one of our entries in the upcoming World Design Rankings. We've decided to create another product for the design instead to celebrate our entry to the competition.

Aside from our Premium Tank Top Debut, we're also releasing another cut and sewn pattern made just for you - The Senpai Premium Long-Sleeve.

Here's a quick look on the Senpai Ryujin Long Sleeve.

Ā senpai ryujin long sleeve

ETA: Feb 28, 2021

Rise, 2021.

Although the pandemic is still around and we're still struggling with business, it won't stop us to release something amazing that were tailored for our community.

We're not famous nor rich, the people behind our brand are just artists obsessed on creating unique designs. We also don't have celebrity friends that can help us market our product and we rely solely on our community of good people to spread the word. That's why there's no excuses for us to improve every single day. We never complain, we just focus on the culture and community we're trying to build.

We don't make promises, we only grind. The only thing we could do is to make sure to keep on improving and make you proud for making us your first choice in selecting a designer clothing, not only in the Philippines but in the whole world.

Thank you for always supporting us. If you like this post, don't forget to follow us onĀ FacebookĀ andĀ Instagram. Arigatou gozaimasu.

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