The First 90 Days

Today marks the 90th day since we've launched Senpai Clothing. Looking back, we have spent so much time planning, sourcing, packaging, pricing and designing our products prior to launch.

Many things have happened since then, most things that we didn't expect.

It all started with the name and logo, and behind the process of what people call a "simple text logo" is a ruthless measurement, they'll never think of.

The brand was dedicated to our mother who passed away more than a decade ago. For someone we looked up to, we thought that Senpai would be the best fit for our brand name.

Day 1

Unlike other independent streetwear brands in the Philippines, we didn't produce massive inventories since we don't have the budget to do it.

On May 1st, we launched our website and finally shared our brand and products with the world. Our product line-up on our first day was just two Basic Crew Necks (now unavailable) and one Graphic T-Shirt, the Hentai Club Tee.

Into the First Collection

We are not new to the graphic and art industry. As time goes by, with the help of some fellow artists, we've slowly produced new graphic tees and very proud that today, we've launched the Chapter 1 Collection that showcases six Graphic Tees.

chapter 1 collection

Each design is carefully crafted, original, and delivers positivity to whoever wears them.


Unlike other clothing and apparel brands, we limit our production to 30-100pcs. For our LTD, we release 10-30pcs. at a maximum per designs. We may adjust this in the future, but, one thing for sure, we'll produce lower than the demand.

We believe that there are things in life that we all wanted but not everyone can get it. Senpai Tees are the same. Those who get up, step forward, and act fast are the one who usually wins.

We may not be the smartest, coolest, and best streetwear brand in the Philippines. But our infectious desire for exclusivity and the positive impact that our products can bring is just too strong and exciting to us and our loyal customer base.

Exploring the Retail Scene

The decision to start on retail distribution wasn't easy for us, especially for a brand that believes in Exclusivity. We also didn't expect to scale with retail stores very soon. It was scary, but, we gave it a go.

Chances are, in life, you'll only meet two types of people. The one who'll lift you up and the one that brings you down. Thankfully, our retail partners have never been the latter. They've supported us and have been amazing retail partners to us.

After we hit the second month since launched, you can now secure our products in two amazing retail stores - Goods Supply Co. and LUHO.

Of course, this is just the beginning, as we are exploring more stores to carry our brand.

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

We just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported us since the first day of our journey, and we can’t wait to share more new products and ideas with you very soon.

Huge shoutout to all the local customers who wore our shirts and sent us a photo. Much love and respect to all who followed us on social media, especially, to all the 11,000+ amazing people on Facebook in our first 90 days.

senpai clothing customer

Stay updated on our upcoming news and events here, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. See you soon! 🙏

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