Introducing "From the Studio" by Senpai

Introducing "From the Studio" by Senpai

October has been very challenging to us, from production damages up to sticker supplier delays that resulted in shipment and design drop delays. But, this won't stop us from pushing forward.

This November, we're launching From the Studio. It's a small project operated by us at Senpai™. From the Studio offers customized labels, stickers, and stationery printing services and merchandise.


What to expect? Why did you start this project?

This launch will mean that you may now expect customized Sticker Pack and Stationery drops from us. However, the initial decision behind this launch is to avoid future free sticker delays, observed quality during production more closely, and to cut costs.

from the studio stickers stationery

We'll now also get another income source that we can use to sustain our small clothing business through printing services.

Introducing Skel-san

We're also introducing Skel-san, the official mascot of this small project. We've spent a lot of time during the character development before having the final design and we're proud to introduce him to you.


We'll be forever humbled and grateful if you can support this project by following From the Studio's Instagram and Facebook Page early.

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