INDÛ x Senpai Collab: What You Need to Know

INDÛ x Senpai Collab: What You Need to Know

Since last year, we've been skeptical about collaborating on the same industry like ours, a clothing brand. However, we tried to give it a shot and propose it to one of the homegrown brands that we looked up to, INDÛ.

Here's what you need to know about this collaboration.

The Designs

We're releasing two designs for this collaboration, an original illustration of Mobile Suit Gundam, and the Shugo Tenshi (Guardian Angel).

Since collaboration is merging two ideas or concepts into one, we've tried our best to make the designs speak both for our brands.

shugo tenshi senpai clothing

Shugo Tenshi

It's a design made to celebrate and give meaning to the place where all our dreams started, Angeles City, or what we call City of Angels. Shugo Tenshi means Guardian Angel in Japanese.

This design is a little bit straightforward than the other one and to be printed on INDÛ's best selling Blacktard Tee.

We will be having a delay for this design release due to supply.

ETA: August 10, 2020.

mobile suit gundam senpai clothing

Mobile Suit

This design is our original take on a Mobile Suit Gundam. Some brothers from INDÛ's team are a fan of Gundam Series and they've been requesting us to release a design about it since last year, long before we even pitch the collaboration. And so, we've decided to make and release it in this collaboration instead.

One of the main features of this original design is the custom cockpit. This version is heavily inspired both by Gundam Wing and Gundam Freedom series. It took us over three months to finish this design.

ETA: July 15, 2020.

The Tees

This product is a little bit different than our current and past releases since we'll be using INDÛ's Crewneck Tee instead of Senpai's Roundneck Tees.

What's the difference between a crew neck and a round neck t-shirt?

The main difference between the tees is that the crew neck is snug fit while the round neck is generally looser. Here's a photo of INDÛ's Blacktard Crewneck Tee.


Is there an adjustment and difference in size or fit?

Sizing and fit are almost the same as ours with, of course, the exception of the neck fit. One of the things that many people will be happy about is that we'll be offering XS and 3XL's which we don't have on other products.

For a complete size guide of this collaboration tee, you may refer to the image below:

indu x senpai collab sizing chart

Getting the INDÛ x Senpai Collab Tees

We will have a pre-order stage that will last for two days only via Senpai's Website for each product. Once the pre-order stage closes, the next chance you'll have is the drop date via one of INDÛ's flagship and online store. The tees during the Pre-Order and Drop stages will be offered online and can be shipped nationwide.

If you want to save shipping fee, head over to INDÛ's physical store on the drop date or pre-order the tee via our website with at least P1,500 total order to get our free shipping promo.

The total quantity that we'll be releasing is 100 for Shugo Tenshi and 200 for Mobile Suit, and as always, there'll be no restock. It means that if you own one, you're one of the select few that have it in their collection in the whole world.

Store information: 

⛩️ INDÛ Bartmall Angeles City located at Bartmall Bldg 2nd Flr. (In front of Holy Angel University). It's open Monday through Sunday, from 10 am up to 7 pm.

OK, shut up and take my money. How much is it?

You can cop Shugo Tenshi for 650 pesos only and Mobile Suit for 750 pesos only.

If you're on Facebook, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates and information on this collaboration drop. Stay safe and much love!

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