OCT MMXX: New Designs, Collab & Essentials

OCT MMXX: New Designs, Collab & Essentials

The holiday season is just around the corner and we're working hard to release interesting stuff just for you. Here are the things you should look forward to in October.

Going Back to the Basic with the Essentials: Plain Tees and Tailored Shorts

Minimalism has been part of the culture that we represent. 

After releasing our upgraded tee, The Senpai Premium Tee, many people from our community have been requesting to make it available as a plain tee. Guess what? We're granting your request.

Plain Tees

Plain Tees perhaps is the number choice of t-shirts by people anywhere in the world because since they are budget-friendly.

Unlike graphic tees, we are planning to restock the essentials as long as we want to (but will still be limited up to a few restock batches). The first set of our essential Tees features six (6) different colors.


Essentials won't be complete without bottoms. Thus, we're also releasing our tailored shorts in three (3) colorways, very soon. Since last year, this has been requested a lot by our community.

Collab Drop: Diffix x Senpai™

Diffix is another brand from Pampanga. Since we approached them for a collaboration project, we were excited as we see their amazing typography works that could complement our designs.

Ronald, the founder of Diffix, told us that the brand name was derived from the word "Different Mixed". Based on our understanding, it's a brand that values differences with a vision to unites everyone as one on the same goal.

We have come upon a lot of character references for this single design and we picked Shingeki no Kyojin's Armored Titan at the end.

Our design approach for the design would be a Mecha version. Here's a sneak peek on the design, The Senpai x Diffix: Mecha Titan.

senpai x diffix mecha titan

New Designs: Eva and Daruma

Aside from the Essentials product line and Collab Drop, we're also dropping two more designs - Senpai Eva and Antitoxic Daruma.

The Senpai Eva design has been requested a lot since we've started our brand just like the Mobile Suit. One of the unique approach we'll do is to print it on a Dark Purple on a Black Neck combination tee.

The Antitoxic Daruma was designed for pandemic awareness but also have a separate meaning like toxicity from other people in our life. To bring a more positive message, it has a quote that says "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something, not even yourself".

senpai oct new design

The Mecha Titan, Antitoxic Daruma, and Senpai Eva will be available for separate purchase as well as Bundle on October 1, 2020. The shipment and drop ETA is October 20, 2020.

We're excited.

We hope that these upcoming drops made you excited as we are. As always, thank you so much for supporting our brand.

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