One Step Backward. Two Step Forward.

One Step Backward. Two Step Forward.

Back in August 2020, one dream from our checklist has been reached. Just like any small business owner, having their first flagship store is a dream come true. Building the store is such a great experience, from designs, improvement, and overall vibe.

senpai store

Not until the pandemic hits us hard.

The location of our store was perfect and students are one of our largest markets. However, since there has been no face-to-face class, we have been struggling to keep our flagship store situated in Angeles City, Pampanga since we opened it. Although it's heart-breaking, we have decided to close it after one and half years.

These events didn't stop us from pushing forward.

Whenever shi* happens, our mindset has always been "one step backward, two step forward". This means that if there has been one negative thing or bad move that happened to us, we just need to make a positive move or decision that will make up for it PLUS ONE.

Hello Partner Stores

Since our flagship store has ceased to exist, we have decided to partner up with different streetwear stores so people can still see, feel, and buy our product offline.

Fortunately, we now partnered up with not just one, but currentlyĀ two more partner storesĀ in Angeles City, the place where our previous flagship store was located.

For our full list of distributors, you may visit our Stockists page.

Graphic Tee Distribution

Having partner stores are great but this move comes with a few cons, especially as a brand that has limited stock per design and value exclusivity.

That's why for every new design drop, we'll make sure to pre-order them only via our official website for at least five days. After that, the majority of our stocks will be distributed to our official partners. We'll also try our best to increase our quantities per design slowly. This will only be for our graphic tees.

New COD Courier

We have been partnered with LBC for the past few years and they have done a great job. However, there are indeed areas that they can't reach and some of our customers aren't able to get their purchase as fast as we want to. So, we now we're moving to J&T asĀ our main courier.



Soon, you'll also be able to buy Senpai Products via Shopee. One of our official distributors is permitted to do this.

An official link to the Shopee Distributor will be provided soon.

Be reminded however that there will be a markup price on Shopee items since their platform gets a few percentages from sales.

Two Step Forward

These past few days, months, or even a year have been a roller coaster ride. But as we always say, there is no other place to go but up.

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