Top 5 Rare Senpai Tee You Can Still Get: November Issue

As a brand that has a creative purpose bigger than monetary cause, we've always believed that exclusivity on our products should be part of our culture. Thus, since the first day, we intentionally produce lower than the demand. This means that we prefer creating and releasing more original designs than re-producing.

Fortunately in this list, you'll be able to find our tees with high-demand which you can still get as of this writing (November 2019) and the stores you should check to get them.

1. Hentai Club

The first graphic tee we've released and designed. Hentai Club tee is still in-demand today with limited sizes left.


Hentai is part of Japanese anime, manga, and video game culture. The word literally means "strange appearance" and can also mean "perverted". Hentai is also the anime version of porn.

We made sure that the t-shirt design is friendly for everyone by not putting too much nudity and adding a Censored Bar. The text we've added makes it a Club Shirt. The Hentai Club believes that having unusual or forbidden sexual desired can't be wrong - only actions can. Make sure to let those stay in your head and never cross the line.

Still available at Online ShopMerch District QC and Goods Supply Co.

2. Ramen Zombies

Released on June 18, Ramen Zombies is the first anime-inspired design that we've released.

senpai ph ramen zombies tee

Infected by an unknown disease from their favorite ramen house, Sasuke and Naruto turned into zombies!

Still available at LUHO, Merch District QC and Goods Supply Co.

3. Sayonara (Black)

Sayonara is the first design that has a front and back print which is both available in Black and White. Upon releasing the original version (White), we've received tons of requests for the black version making it one of our most in-demand tee.


Sayonara means goodbye, a word that sounds great but has so much feel and pain.

Still available at Online Shop and Goods Supply Co.

4. Fukuya LTD

Our first logo box tee on Black was sold out in just 48 hours during the pre-order stage. Yes, it even didn't arrive on the drop date. Fortunately, one more restock has arrived this month. However, in-demand as ever, only a few stocks remain as of this writing.


The t-shirt design speaks simplicity and minimalism with a written Kanji 服屋 (Fukuya) which means Clothing Shop or a Tailor Shop. It's the best representation of our brand.

Still available at Online Shop

5. Gamepad (White)

With only 25pcs. released, this new logo box design deserves to be on this list. The design features an original illustration of a family computer controller from the '80s and '90s.


Still available at Online Shop

Collect them all

It has been quite an amazing year for us, and we owe it all to you. Thank you so much for the support and we wish you great success in the New Year.

Make sure to get these shirts while they're still available. If you've enjoyed this list, don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates. See you soon!