Sayonara, COD for First-Time Customers

Sayonara, COD for First-Time Customers

Doing business is very challenging, and with the addition of the pandemic, it has become way harder. Since we've started our brand, Cash on Delivery has helped us provide a better payment option to our customers since they aren't yet familiar with the brand.

However, looking us behind the scenes, we've been struggling with many unclaimed and undelivered items. These things delay our growth and left other people who're willing to get the products instead, really sad.

Since last year, we've found out that COD and COP aren't prioritize that much compared to door-to-door (paid) parcels by the local couriers. It has been verified by most of our customers.

Starting in October 2020, we're saying Goodbye to Cash On Delivery and COP payment options for new customers. Aside from these changes, here are other stuff you need to know.

goodbye cod

Lower Shipment Fee

We have started working with other couriers that could provide very minimal delivery charges such as J&T. Starting October, despite not having a COD and COP option for new customers, we are dropping the shipment fee from ₱180 to ₱100 pesos.

Delivery Method and Couriers

Here are the couriers we'll be using depending on the delivery method of your choice:

  • Branch Pickup (LBC) - ₱100
  • Door-to-door Delivery (J&T) - ₱100
  • Pampanga Store Pickup (N/A) - Free
  • VIP COD (Returning Customers Only*) - ₱180
    • * with zero records of return.

Free Shipping? Is it gone too?

Absolutely no. You can still get free shipping when you purchased a total order of at least ₱1,500 on our website.

Faster Delivery

Door-to-door delivery has been the fastest way to get your items based on our experience. They don't return and rarely get misrouted.

Additional Payment Options

Since COD and COP will be removed from our payment options starting October of this year, we're adding more options aside from BDO Bank Transfer and GCash for flexibility. Paypal and Pampanga Store Pickup is one of them.

Is there NO WAY to order via COD and COP?

There might be ways that you can still try to order via COD and COP. Here's the list on how.

1. Official Partner Stores

One of the way to still purchase our products via COD and COP is through our official partner stores. Please note that some of our partners don't accept COD or COP as well. Also, some partners might have limited products displayed in-store. Make sure to contact them to see if the product you're looking for is available.

2. Returning Customers

Second way is if you're a past customer with zero record of returns, we'll gladly still accept COD as a payment. For new customers, unfortunately, this won't be possible.

3. In-Store Purchase via Friends

The third and last way would be getting some friends in Pampanga to visit us in-store and deliver it for you via COD or COP.

Moving forward

These changes might not be the most desirable to some, but having the product we've worked so hard getting to you faster at lower shipping rates is our priority.

It will also allow us to grow better as a brand and make more arts that you'll surely make you fall in love with. If you like this post, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Arigatou gozaimasu.

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