Senpai x Rozen Collab MMXIX

Senpai x Rozen Collab MMXIX

We are excited to announce that we'll be collaborating with RozenPH and release a special edition Tee before the year ends.

Rozen which means a "ruler" together with Senpai which means "upperclassman", founders thought that releasing a particular design close both to the meaning of their brand name would be ideal, thus a "King" design concept will be released soon.

This would be the first collaboration that both brands will have and certainly something to look forward to. Senpai x Rozen collaboration won't end on just one tee as they are planning to release more products such as Hats and Accessories in the future.

In the meantime, here's the sneak-peak of the "KING" tee artwork.

senpai x rozen king artwork

The design features a character sitting on a throne with a Trident.

The print will be back and front on five colors. It's estimated to launch on or before December.Ā Unfortunately, both brands have decided to just release 50pcs. in the world for this product.

Of course, this product includes 4 exclusive free stickers for every purchase. Here's a preview:


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