A Chapter of Struggles and Celebrations

A Chapter of Struggles and Celebrations

Before the second quarter of 2020 even started, we have been adieu by a few days of uncertainty. Coronavirus has impacted each of us.

During this pandemic, we've learned that sharing and aiming for a single goal can make a big difference no matter how divided our principles may be as individuals.

Just like one of the cultural codes that we've believed in, a strong community that shares a single goal can accomplish something faster and better.  

It will be difficult and scary, but we're all on this together and we'll win this. Then, the time will come that we can hug our love ones again.

The First Anniversary

Just a few weeks from now, we'll be celebrating our first anniversary. Although we've been excited, it's obvious that as a small business, our bottom line has also been hit negatively by this Pandemic. All shipments are paused and sale quotas have never been reached.

However, at the end of the day, the people in our community being healthy and safe is what matters most to us.

With all of these being said and in mind, we're still looking forward to celebrating our anniversary and we can't wait to taste that cake!

Q2 Collection: What to Expect

Aside from the Mecha Ninja Tee that we'll release as our anniversary drop, we have other exciting plans that we've been working hard since this year started.

mecha ninja tee

A Collab with INDÛ

Being born in the province of Pampanga, INDÛ is our Aniki (big brother). It has over 8 branches and one of the most successful clothing brands in our province. It's an honor to be one of the first brands that will have a collaboration with them.

We plan to release a small collection of original designs as always. The current concept includes a custom Gundam tee and the Shugo Tenshi (guardian angel) tee. All illustrations will be designed at Senpai's HQ but will be cut, sewn and printed at INDÛ's headquarters. 

indu crewnecks

Photo courtesy of INDÛ

We will be using INDÛ's Crewnecks which has a snug fit and a little bit different with our round neck tees that are generally looser. These crewnecks are widely popular in Pampanga.

Summer Series

We have two designs that are supposed to be released as our Summer Series, however, due to the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), the production might not be able to make this happen. Of course, depending on the ECQ and situation, we'll try our best to release them.

This series includes two designs, a summer-themed logo box tie-dye tee, and a back print style tee featuring a custom illustration of Esdeath from Akagame Ga Kill.

summer series

The release for these tees is still TBD at the moment.

The T-Shirt That Saved My Life

Ever heard someone that said, "This T-Shirt saved my life"? We did.

It came from one of our customers.

This is one of the things that we're trying to do with some of our products. A tool that can save someone's life indirectly. In our case, our t-shirt and designs.

Many years ago, before the idea of starting Senpai Clothing, I've suffered from depression for two years. Every day, I have been on a state of being hopeful that the day would just end with death. It took a single person to wake me up from that nightmare, sadly, she passed away with Cancer.

Aside from this single story, I've been orphaned at 18 but that would be on another journal piece.

Through art and a few of our product lines, we thrive to give inspiration to the people who've also suffered depression and other struggles in life. Here are some of the things we'll be doing this Q2:

Sayonara Tee Reprint

We rarely restock our old design. For Sayonara, it's a different case. We've been bombarded with a lot of requests for a reprint and just a few months ago, a certain store offered us to display a tee on their 5 branches, Sayonara is the top design on our list that we've thought of using once the deal is signed.

sayonara tee

Sayonara has been one of our most successful artwork, it's very simple yet has a lot of emotional punch. From the word itself which means goodbye, Sayonara is a word that sounds great but has so much feel and pain.

Sorrows Tee

We've had a lot of requests for a Kimetsu no Yaiba design and this quarter, we're granting your wish. Unfortunately, it'll be an emotional release as the concept is "Sorrows".

The design features an original illustration of Tanjiro Kamado with a quote, "No matter how many people you may lose, you have no choice but to go on living. No matter how devastating the blows may be".

sorrows tee

It'll be a very limited logo box tee release on Black and White.

Moving forward

Truly, this quarter is a chapter of struggles and celebrations for us. While we're still on lockdown, we encourage everyone to stay home and safe.

If you're on Facebook, which we're sure you are, you can check the Coronavirus Information Center for updates. Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. Stay safe and much love!

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