The Tenth: 3 Things We're Excited To Do Moving Forward

The Tenth: 3 Things We're Excited To Do Moving Forward

For every wins, we've had more failures. It's true.

When we started the brand, we don't have huge capital. There are days when the vision gets blurry and we've nearly broken down.

However, with the support of our loyal customers and the people who have been with us since day one, we've made it somehow. We've held the vision tighter, drop the excuses, swerve around obstacles, and trust the process.

From 20,000 pesos and a dream, turning it into a single design and two blank shirts, we've come to almost thirty products in ten months.


Truly, it's a roller coaster ride but we're still not that big. We believe, however, that process is the most important part of the journey and we appreciate every bit of it with you.

In this short article, you'll find out the three things we're excited to do for this year moving forward.

1. A Brand That's Built with Friendship and Community

One of the things that we've been trying to do is to build a brand that values people and the community more rather than profit. This has easily become one of our culture codes.

To make it happen, we're planning to do more collaborations with different local brands, from caps and bags to cleaning supplies and vintage, to provide a more unique offering.

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Collaborations are great and help us explore the different communities as a young brand. It's merging more than one culture and make something unique out of it for the community we're serving.

The best part is we make more friends that raise each other on top rather than bringing each other down.

2. International Worthy Product

For the past ten months, our products have received compliments from our customers. Our fabric isn't thick nor thin, we believe that it's perfectly designed for the tropical weather in the Philippines. It's soft, doesn't get fluff, and won't get deformed.


Image submitted by Krielle and Lester

Just a few months ago, we've come across to a small factory that makes clothing for big brands like Dickies and RRJ. These western brands are BIIIGGGG in Japan and of course, they're also popular in the Philippines as well as globally.

Luckily for us, we'll be switching to them to make ours too. This means that we're expecting to improve the quality of our clothing products more than ever while still maintaining the cost.

3. The Spirit of Streetwear and Anime

Just like how streetwear should be, we don't follow trends. Heck, we don't even have a calendar or quarterly drop. We drop when we please without ignoring consistency.

In streetwear, we believe that everything is personal. It's not a trend but a culture. It's about evoking feelings and emotions. This is what we believe and one of the main guiding principles since we started, thus, we're planning to stay strong with it.


This year, we're planning to support more of the communities and the different cultures behind it as much as we can. Skateboarding, Cycling, Cosplay, Dance, Gaming, Design, and Music just to name a few.

If you're part of these communities and think that Senpai Clothing is the brand for you, you're one of us, feel free to connect with us on Facebook and we can talk about sponsorship or collaborations.

Aside from supporting communities, you can expect that all of our current and future designs have a story on it. As mentioned, we aim to evoke feelings and emotions for each product we release.

Moving forward

We aren't big, we're the underdog. We're David amongst all the Goliath. We're tiny but strong because of the people that always pushes us forward. The past ten months have been a great ride and we'll be forever thankful. We're excited to see the future with you.

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